A bit of background

My painting life consists of two mutually beneficial roles, as both a watercolour painter, and a teacher of watercolour painting.
Details of my activities can be found on the pages of this website, though please get in touch if you have any enquiry.
As a landscape painter knows, ‘background’ often doesn’t need a lot of detail.  I’ll try not to say too much!


Our landscape and the medium of watercolour are always on my mind. Inspired by the former and challenged by the latter, painting is a consuming vocation which I expect to last my lifetime.

The great watercolourists have shown that this medium is all we should need. In theory it can be simple, but watercolour has its own ideas…

Thankfully the result is greatly rewarding when the artist and medium come together in harmony for the subject. With constant practise and the will to keep experimenting it’s possible to progress skills and develop as an artist.  However, watercolour tends to keep your feet on the ground, and a successful painting can always feel like a happy coincidence.

Outdoors by choice

The primary aim of my painting is that it should be evocative. In an attempt to capture the atmosphere of a location at a point in time, this probably makes my approach in some ways ‘impressionistic’.

Working outdoors whenever possible, during the winter months I paint mainly in the studio and these days also develop new workshops and demonstrations. Sharing the experience of watercolour painting in these ways is rewarding, and an enjoyable balance for an otherwise fairly solitary occupation.

A visit to the Turner collection at The Clore Gallery as a child awoke me to the idea of painting the landscape.  The way Turner did it seemed perfect, combining an experience of the landscape with the individuality of the artist.

Through the artist’s interpretation the world is provided with something unique and worthy of our consideration. If the process is a modest, sincere effort, then the outcome just might be something of aesthetic or other value which can inspire in its own right.

The following quotations sum up a lot of my feelings about all that is watercolour painting, and I think give an insight into my motivation and approach.  (Click on a quotation to stop it and read.)