Privacy/Mailing List Notice

Conforming to GDPR requirements, effective 25th May 2018

I take very seriously the security of the limited sensitive data I hold, and I never share your data with others.

The data I hold

For the purposes, only, of sending voluntary subscribers to my Blog each new post by email, I retain a ‘list’ of email addresses alongside a name, as supplied by the subscriber who can choose to use a pseudonym.  This is automatically saved on my website database along with, for security reasons, the subscriber’s IP address, and the date of subscription.
I never add people to this list (including historically) without their express permission, and in virtually all cases if you are currently receiving my blog posts in this way it is because you have voluntarily signed up to do so on the Blog page of my website,

The email address you provided on signing up, also, will never be shown publicly anywhere on my website.  If you choose to leave a comment on my Blog then the name provided when you voluntarily signed upwill be shown publicly next to your comment. If you wish to contact me privately then please email me instead of leaving a comment on my Blog page.  The email address to use is that given on the Contact page of my website, i.e:

Subscription requires the voluntary subscriber to respond to an initial ‘subscription confirmation’ email.  As well as testing that the email address provided has been correctly typed, this acts as an extra measure to ensure the subscriber is giving their consent to receive my emails.  (If you are reading this because you have tried to subscribe but are not receiving my emails, please check that the confirmation email has not ended up in your Spam folder.)

To unsubscribe from my Blog Mailing List:

You can, and always have been able to easily remove yourself at any time from my blog subscribers list, simply by clicking on the ‘Unsubscribe’ link which is at the foot of each Blog email you receive.  It is your right to do this at any time.
Your other rights:
  You have the right to request to see the data I retain relating to your subscription.  You also have the right to request this data is deleted permanently.

In the unlikely event that you experience any difficulty or problem in relation to this, please contact me by email, on
If desired I will unsubscribe you manually, or process any other request according to your rights in this regard.  I will action your request as quickly as possible.

The data is held digitally, securely stored according to password-protection guidelines:- (  

Postal address or telephone number:
You may have provided this to me, voluntarily, by email, if you have purchased something from me which I needed your address to deliver it to.  I do not keep a record of this information outside of the aforementioned email, which is very carefully password protected and only accessible by myself, following password-protection guidelines, described in the link above.  As with your other data, I do not share this data with anyone and have only used it in order to fulfil your purchase as agreed between us.

Spam filter plugin:
Finally, my website utilises a well-known ‘plugin’ (piece of software) that helps to eliminate Spam comments on my blog, and to do this some technical data is collected.  Being a third party product the company who own it have their own Privacy Statement, a link to which is provided underneath the Comments box on my blog pages, should you wish to learn more.

I hope this statement is clear and helpful.  It may be updated from time to time.

Yours faithfully,
Jem Bowden