Original watercolours

Almost all of my paintings are on half-imperial size paper, being approx 12.5 x 19.5” image size (31 x 51 cm).  In fact they are usually a cm or two larger each way, but this allows for a tidy overlap when mounting.  The mount will then fit into a standard 50 x 70 cm frame.

Paintings are mostly £250 unframed, with some exceptions.
Price includes delivery, protected flat, not rolled – to UK addresses.
For international delivery charges please contact me.
I do have limited framing options if you are able to collect from my studio in southeast Bristol.
Whether a painting is available or sold is indicated next to its title.  This is displayed below the enlarged image when you click on a thumbnail in either of the Gallery pages:

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Please get in touch if you would like to buy a painting, or if you would like further information.

I can currently accept payment by cash, cheque, UK bank transfer or internationally by Paypal.  Unfortunately I do not yet have the facility for you to make purchases directly through the website.  Instead, please contact me directly to quickly arrange the transaction.  My email address and phone number are on the Contact page – click here to go there.


Now available.  Please see my new Videos page for full details.  Payment is by credit/debit card or Paypal.

I may have a few copies on DVD to sell in person at demos/workshops only (but please let me know in advance if I’m visiting you and you want one!).  As usual with DVD that will be slightly lower quality than the Full HD version available as digital download.  Here’s a brief trailer for the film:-

The Black Sheep

Please click link to open up a page about my right hand man, The Black Sheep.
I am no longer selling the brush by mail/online, but will usually have just one or two to sell in person at workshops, demonstrations, etc.  Please let me know in advance if you think you’d like one.



I don’t sell prints.  If you purchase one of my paintings you will have a unique piece of artwork.

Note regarding purchase and copyright

Following the sale of any painting the image copyright remains with Jem Bowden.
When purchasing an original artwork you are purchasing the item itself and not any rights to replicate, reproduce or distribute the image.
With regard to films/videos:  Lending, public performance, reproduction or distribution of a video or any part thereof is strictly prohibited.