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My first proper instructional video.  Exclusive content, available to buy, or to rent for 24 hours if you prefer.  Here are the details:

“After an introduction to his materials, Jem explains and clearly demonstrates in simplified form some of the key techniques he uses in the featured demonstration painting. He then discusses his composition, based on two reference photographs, before guiding us through the entire half-imperial size painting. Every brushstroke is seen, including zooming into closer focus at times. Jem then shares a selection of his other paintings where similar techniques can be observed, and finally, he revisits the sky to discuss this important part of the painting at greater length, in slow motion.”
Instructional video, 70 mins running time, in Full HD (1920×1080).

Watch the brief trailer below, then simply click the links to buy or hire the full film.  You’ll need to quickly set up a Vimeo account/login before you pay, if you don’t already have one. This is a very simple, quick and easy process. Payment is by debit/credit card or Paypal.
If you buy the film you’ll have the option to download it to keep forever, or/and you can stream it via the Vimeo website as you like.  Rent is stream-only and the rental period is 24 hours.
Please be aware you’ll need a good internet connection to stream HD video.  If in doubt, purchase & download is the reliable option.

I envisage making more instructional videos, so please let me know (by email) if you have any requests regarding content.  I welcome any constructive feedback on this one.

Price: $18 (approx. £14.00, currently – Nov 2018) to buy.  $10 (approx. £7.80, currently) to rent.
Price is set in US Dollars; other currencies are adjusted according to current exchange rate.  You will automatically pay in your own currency.


Youtube demos

I also have 2 full demo videos on Youtube, plus a couple of other short films.  You can visit my Youtube channel by clicking this link:
Jem Bowden Youtube Demos

Below is my most recent free video.
These demonstrations are unedited, by which I mean you see every brushstroke of the whole painting, which I hope is helpful.  The videos are each approx 35 minutes long.