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This category of post is for short news-type items, such as newly organised courses, workshops, videos, exhibitions or anything else I’d like to make known.

Painting competition results

The winner! Thank you all for your entries to the competition. I have made a few notes alongside each painting, below.  I’m sorry that I can’t deliver a long critique of each. Following the entries is an explanation of how I chose the winner – not at all easy!  But first here […]

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Competition Time!

Welcome to my second painting competition, where you can win one of my original watercolours Please read on for full information. The reference image This photo is of a scene at West Mersea, Essex, and is the reference image for this competition. (The location is one we might visit during my course at Dedham […]

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Time flying, Cornwall 2020, Recent paintings...

Sorry it’s been a while since my last post, but time has been disappearing fast. We had some fun on my Flatford Mill course, and as usual were spoiled there by the subjects surrounding us.  The weather was cold which was a bit unfortunate, but wasn’t going to stop any of us from getting […]

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Spring growth? New paintings and video Q&A

A bit of ink & wash….. This was done using the ‘Pentel Pocket Brush Pen’.  I like it, and hopefully will use it more.  The fact that it’s designed for a pocket is not an advantage for me though, and I’ve taped a biro to the handle to extend it to the same length […]

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Reflection but no water & water, no reflection. And video.

Happy New Year! Ah, okay, perhaps a bit late for that. Well, I hope your year hasn’t gone off the rails yet, then. I’ll admit I’ve been struggling lately, with my painting. Perhaps I’m not well advised to admit this ‘in public’ (I have been told, as a teaching artist), but I believe I […]

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Extracts and Extras

I’m not talking about teeth here (although I could). The little cropped images spread through this post are sections from paintings that I’ve been producing for my next Video-on-demand. Sort of ‘teasers’, I hope. The film will be longer than my first and is likely to feature several paintings and mini ‘technique tutorials’.  Apologies […]

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