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A bit of weather at Budleigh Salterton

Size: 31 x 51 cm
Status: For Sale
Price: £150

Painted from photos taken during a visit to do a demonstration at the local art society. For my demo I painted a composition from further along the seafront towards the headland, after the sun had come out. But I preferred this atmosphere. I've altered the composition quite a bit by taking bits from a few different photos, so although this exact scene doesn't quite exist, most locals would probably think it does unless they tried to find the exact spot! I do that sometimes to make the shapes and other aspects of content balance well, whilst aiding atmosphere or 'sense of place' rather than detracting from it, as that's usually my main overriding concern. Certainly not a 'realist' painting, but I think quite a fun one. I was running around, up and down the seafront path taking photos, then dashed back to my car just in time as rain lashed down. I love being outdoors in these conditions, and especially at the coast.

Please read the Terms of Sale before purchasing. Paintings are sold unframed. Shipping is currently free of charge. If you would like any further information please feel free to contact me at any time, thank you.

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