Plein Air Gallery Studio Gallery

Autumn Near Kelston Round Hill.

Size: 31 x 51 cm
Status: For Sale
Price: £150

A cloudy day, with no cast shadows. Many painters don't like working without cast shadow, but to me the atmosphere of such days are just as powerful when out in nature as any other. There are different challenges when trying to make a successful painting of a cloudy, flat light day. Never sure that I've pulled it off, I'm aware that subtlety of various aspects plays a bit part, and maybe subtle enhancements too. Not being afraid of really neutral greys will help make the most of muted colours. There will often be a narrower tonal range, and the quality, variation and placement of shapes/marks (and composition) are probably even more important when a bold light effect is lacking.

Please read the Terms of Sale before purchasing. Paintings are sold unframed. Shipping is currently free of charge. If you would like any further information please feel free to contact me at any time, thank you.

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