Plein Air Gallery Studio Gallery

Biddestone green, early morning

Size: 31 x 51 cm
Status: For Sale
Price: £120

The ducks here are very spoiled. I saw them have about 3 breakfasts, each delivered by people who probably think they're the only one.... This was a day planned out with 'the boys' (the Exiles), and sometimes I like to get there and do a painting before anyone else arrives, just to get the most from the day. I do like the early morning anyway, witnessing a part of the day that some rarely do. Little colour was evident at the beginning, and I tried to paint fast, as things quickly change as the sun gets higher...

Please read the Terms of Sale before purchasing. Paintings are sold unframed. Shipping is currently free of charge. If you would like any further information please feel free to contact me at any time, thank you.

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