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Crossroads Ash tree near Saltford

Size: 31 x 51 cm
Status: Sold
Price: £

A subject I spotted from the car one day, this old tree and crossroads are at the highest point on a rise above Saltford, quite near Bath. It turns out the tree is so characterful from most directions and well worthy of more than one portrait, so I'll likely be back! Slightly precariously perched on a narrow verge, I went for this option first because of how the sign post and distant wooded hill combined with the tree to make the composition work. There's no subject I want to pay good tribute to more than a fantastic old tree. The morning's painting was also very pleasant owing to many a brief chat with passing cyclists taking part in a charity ride. "Can you get me in it?" being the most common greeting. I think being at the top of a hill it seemed a good spot to stop for a breather.