Plein Air Gallery Studio Gallery

South from Park Head, Cornwall

Size: 31 x 51 cm
Status: For Sale
Price: £150

This used my three-colour palette of Winsor Blue (red shade), Indian Red and Raw Umber. It was sunny and windy, so using only three blobs of colour can mean you dip into each regularly enough to keep them all moist for the duration. I find that these three can be ample for most natural landscape scenes, and often for other types of painting, given that I rarely feel the need to match colour closely. A typically stunning part of the cornish coast, with many other inspiring options very close by that I hope to return to paint. Bedruthan Steps can be seen here in the middle distance.

Please read the Terms of Sale before purchasing. Paintings are sold unframed. Shipping is currently free of charge. If you would like any further information please feel free to contact me at any time, thank you.

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