Plein Air Gallery Studio Gallery

Tree Near Kelston Round Hill, April

Size: 31 x 51 cm
Status: For Sale
Price: £180

I'd painted this tree a few years earlier, and always thought I'd go back again in a different season. It's a bit of a walk up a sizeable hill and long track to get here, but well worth it. Painted very quickly, with a camera on my chest filming for a potential demo video. The 'action camera' idea has its flaws, as it seems I do move around quite a lot while painting! But I was quite happy with the painting itself. I recall feeling very inspired by the place I was standing in. I'll be back there again too, I'm sure.

Please read the Terms of Sale before purchasing. Paintings are sold unframed. Shipping is currently free of charge. If you would like any further information please feel free to contact me at any time, thank you.

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