Plein Air Gallery Studio Gallery

Plein Air Gallery
Original Watercolour Landscape Paintings For Sale

The Plein Air Gallery features my outdoor work, while the Studio Gallery (please click other tab above for Studio Gallery) shows work that I do mostly over the winter months indoors.  You can view and purchase original watercolours from both galleries.
Click on the image of the painting to view a larger version along with size, price and ordering details.  More paintings are available than displayed here and commissions are also possible.  Please enquire if you have a particular subject or location in mind.  Please note my watercolours are quite large when mounted and framed.  I don’t sell prints, so each piece is a one-off.

Plein air painting is a process of:  inspiration, doing some advance planning, then exploring and absorbing a place, being there through all senses and recording/conveying aspects of the occasion, with the aim of ‘sharing the experience’ (via the excitement and volatility of intuitive, spontaneous watercolour!)  This ultimately being the whole purpose behind my paintings, and being a painter.  My plein air paintings are completed entirely outdoors in front of the subject in one visit.