Video Tuition For Watercolour Landscape Painting With Jem Bowden

I offer a video tuition service to help you learn watercolour painting online. There are some free videos on my YouTube channel and some paid-for on-demand videos via my Vimeo channel. See below for previews and links to these resources.

Studio Painting with Jem Bowden

Below is a preview of my second video on demand. You can watch the preview to get a flavour of the content and then purchase the video from the links provided.

This video guides you through some of my key painting methods in the studio environment. Featuring five half imperial size demo paintings, a few short ‘technique introductions’ and much discussion of composition, interpretation, prioritisation and compromise – amongst other watercolour issues.

Subjects covered include:

Strong darks, ‘dry into wet’, ‘wet against wet’ and a soft & hard edge approach to painting fairweather clouds.
The demo paintings feature a dramatic cloud/natural landscape, a beach scene with rock stacks, a Norfolk coastal scene with boat, a farmland barn & pasture and a wetland nature reserve.

Running time:

2 hour and 24 minute running time, in Full HD (1920×1080)

Spring Evening Hedgerow with Jem Bowden

Below is a preview of my first video on demand. You can watch the preview to get a flavour of the content and then rent or purchase the video from the links provided.

After an introduction to my materials, I explain and clearly demonstrate in simplified form some of the key techniques I use in the featured demonstration painting. I then discuss my composition, based on two reference photographs, before guiding you through the entire half-imperial size painting. Every brushstroke is seen, including zooming into closer focus at times. I then share a selection of my other paintings where similar techniques can be observed. Finally, I revisit the sky to discuss this important part of the painting at greater length, in slow motion.

Running time:

70 mins running time, in Full HD (1920×1080)

YouTube Demonstration Videos

I also have two full demo videos on Youtube, plus a couple of other short films. Below is my most recent free video. These demonstrations are unedited, by which I mean you see every brushstroke of the whole painting, which I hope is helpful. The videos are each approx 35 minutes long.

You can visit my YouTube channel to view more free videos by clicking the link below:

Contact Me

If you’d like to contact me to discuss purchasing original watercolour paintings, arranging tuition, attending a painting holiday or for any other reason, then please feel free to email or call me and of course you can also network with me on social media.

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