Direct & Dynamic Watercolour Landscapes

East Devon Art Academy, EX10 8LS
10/10/2019 - 11/10/2019

This two day studio-based workshop will address technique and overarching issues that lead to watercolours with energy, vigour and beauty.  Jem will cover his approach to composition, interpretation and prioritisation of ‘what counts’ in the quest for fresh, atmospheric paintings, using a fairly ‘direct’ handling of the medium.

There will be a mix of demonstrations, exercises, step-by-step painting and lots of ‘going for it’. Students are asked, also, to bring with them a landscape painting they feel has not worked, which they’d like to improve on.

Accommodation Options

This two day course is non-residential but East Devon Art Academy has a list of ideas for a stop-over. Please see

Booking A Place

To book a place, please do one of the following:

Cost: £120
Type: Non-residential
Status: Places Available

Big Skies in Watercolour

Windrush Gallery, The Cotswolds, OX18 4TU
01/10/2019 -


This indoor workshop will cover techniques which can be used to create atmospheric, dramatic and effective skies in watercolour. Jem will explain and demonstrate various ways of combining hard and soft edges, tone and colour variation, with a bold approach to achieve dynamic and fresh results. We’ll observe our subject closely before ‘interpreting’ various cloud, light and atmospheric effects through the best attributes of watercolour. Jem will also show how to develop a whole ‘sky-scape’ composition worthy of the main subject of a painting.

What To Bring

Please bring plenty of paper, paint and big brushes!  A suggested Materials List will be sent to students in advance of the day, but all references will be provided.

Booking A Place

The workshop is on October 1st , 10 am – 4pm, including lunch at Windrush House. To book please contact Windrush Gallery on either:

  • E:
  • T: 01451 844425
  • W:

Cost: £80
Type: Non-residential
Status: Fully Booked

Watercolour Landscapes, Direct & Dynamic

Truro Arts Centre, Cornwall, TR1 2SJ
17/05/2020 - 18/05/2020

This two-day, studio-based workshop will be an introduction to painting with watercolour in a loose, impressionistic and bold style. Subjects covered will include coastal scenery, skies, trees, foliage, and more.  We’ll will look at how light, composition and simplification are key in achieving atmosphere and a sense of place.  Core techniques of watercolour will be covered, including the use of hard & soft edges, tonal control and variation in brushwork, to create paintings that have energy and impact.  From the basis of careful observation, we will work through some exercises in interpretation, and towards a complete painting on each day.  Students are encouraged to be bold and ‘take risks’ freely, and not expect masterpieces, but will take away many useful ideas and inspiration to work with in their painting.  All references will be provided.

What to bring

Please click below to download the Materials List for this workshop



Booking a place

To book please contact Truro Arts Centre on either:

Cost: £135
Type: Non-residential
Status: Places Available

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